Dr Ehsan Mellati
Periodontist and Implant Surgeon
Clinical Lecturer (Sydney University)

Dr Wesley Wong
Periodontist and Implant Surgeon



I have an implant, why do I need routine assessments and maintenance?

Implants are now a routine treatment option for lost dentition. Also, in many cases where a prognosis of a tooth is not favourable the clinician may advise the patient to opt for an implant. But a lot of people assume that these prosthetic structures will be free of complications, but this is not entirely true. For example, peri-implant disease is an infection that can affect the gums after an implant is placed. Routine assessments can allow for early treatment intervention, which can prevent the escalation of peri-implant disease.

I have to have a crown lengthening procedure, will it hurt ?

This procedure is actually simpler than it sounds. Local anesthetic is administered for the procedure and it’s painless. Furthermore, your periodontist will prescribe pain medications for you to use to relieve post-operative pain (should you experience pain after the surgery).

I’ve had crown lengthening done many months ago but I’ve been sensitive to hot and cold, is that normal?

As the crown lengthening procedure may expose some of the root surface of the tooth, hot and cold sensitivity is normal for few weeks after the surgery. This sensitivity will resolve with time, or when your dentist has placed the crown/filling on your tooth.

I’ve just had a crown lengthening procedure done and my gum is bleeding, what do I do?

Occasionally the area may bleed for a while after the procedure, but if the bleeding does not stop within 24 hours you must contact your periodontist.

What is ‘peri-implant’ disease?

Peri-implant disease is the infection that can affect the gums after an implant is placed.

Why do I need to see a periodontist before I get a tooth implant?

It is very important that a periodontist examines and analyses the anatomic situation of the area of the extracted tooth before an implant is placed. This will ensure that the foundation for where the implant is being placed (the soft and hard tissue surrounding the implant) is optimal for dental implant.

Will crown lengthening change the look of my teeth?

Yes, as some of the bone and tissue around the tooth are removed it will look longer than before.