Unerupted Teeth Exposure

Unerupted Teeth Exposure



The issue of unerupted teeth exposure is crucial in cases where the patient wishes to commence orthodontic treatment. The reason for unerupted teeth is simple: during the process of losing baby teeth and gaining adult teeth, some teeth simply fail, or are delayed, in erupting.Having braces placed before all your adult teeth have erupted is common. But this complicates the orthodontic process slightly, as the orthodontist will need to accommodate for any unerupted teeth. Not doing so would mean the unerupted tooth won’t have space to come out, and runs the risk of becoming impacted.To prevent a tooth from becoming impacted, the orthodontist may place braces on the unerupted tooth, allowing enough space for it to erupt. In many cases this is all that is required to tigger the tooth to come out.

Unerupted Teeth Exposure Treatment Options:

• Tooth Extraction
• Autotransplantation
• Simple Exposure

But in cases where a baby tooth has not fallen out yet, or whether the adult tooth has not erupted (even after a period of waiting), your orthodontist may prefer to refer you to a periodontist so that they can perform unerupted teeth exposure. This enables the orthodontist to apply forces to the tooth to make it erupt.

This is a relatively simple procedure and is usually done within two appointments.

1st Appointment


The first appointment is a consultation where your case is assessed. It is in this appointment that the periodontist may request for a CT scan of the impacted tooth to better evaluate your case. Precision Periodontics has the advantage of having a low dose Cone Beam CT scan in the office, which saves you time and energy of having to obtain the CBCT scan elsewhere and then return to complete the consultation.

2nd Appointment 


A small incision is made in your gum, underneath of which the unerupted tooth lies. This surgical exposure is large enough to allow for an orthodontic bracket to be attached to the underlying tooth, where the orthodontist can then maneuver the tooth into alignment. This procedure usually takes one hour and is performed under local anaesthetics. Twilight Sedation can be considered if the patient wishes.

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